April Fools

I still need a day to recoup and catch up on missed work, so here is my last link from the trip.

I’ve linked to Border House Blog before, but check out their April Fools posts.  Hilarious and well done as usual.

A great one about if roles were reversed in game development and men were striving for equal representation. (They even mention our favorite, Peach.)  This is a memorable line from it.

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Female Enemies

I’ll write an article on this soon.

Female enemies in games.

I really like this blog and I suggest you check out their other posts.

Going to resume regular posting soon, promise!


Girl positive web comics!

Girls Don’t Play Games

Hark, a vagrant

Nerf NOW!!!

Still small posts until I get back.

Aperture History

About a week old, but awesome.  From the one of the best games I’ve played and from the continuing tradition of hilarious advertisement from Valve comes the history of Aperture Science.  Who knew a shower curtain company could be so interesting?


Alice in Wonderland

*I’m not going to censure myself for spoilers, but if you’ve seen the trailers, you should know the plot already.  It’s not very complex or surprising.  Read at your own risk.*

The last movie I went to see in the theatre was the new Tim Burton movie, “Alice in Wonderland.”  I have to say, I am a fan of Tim Burton’s works.  I recently went to see the exhibit at the MOMA in New York of his art.  I love his humor and his imagination.  I also love that he loves women.

No, I’m not singling him out simply for being straight.  I don’t love Charlie Sheen and he certainly has his own brand of love for women, though Sheen’s love involves using women as sperm receptacles and punching bags.  I’m talking about respect and appreciation.  In his movies, women are equals.  They are strong, intelligent, and are as likely to rescue as to be rescued. … continue reading this entry.


No post today because I’m too busy turning 18 while on a cruise in the Carribean.  Yeah, life is sweet.  Other posts this week are pre-scheduled while I am away.  The cruise is great, but it would better if there was a 360 in the room with me…

I have for you 6 videos I watch over and over.  Why six?  ‘Cuz it’s a third of 18 and the month of march is 3 and 3 is also my favorite number.  3×6 is 18!

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Link week

This week is all about smaller posts because I have no access to my computer.

Adult film industry women playing D&D.  Watch and decide for yourself what you think.

Friday Link

Short post today.  I’m packing for my trip to the Bahamas and going gokarting with some friends, so I don’t have a whole lot of time.

Check out this really cool article on girl characters from Game Informer.


My Tribe

I’m going to admit something embarrassing about myself.  There is a game on Facebook that I play.  Now, before you switch sites in disgust due to hardcore betrayal, let me explain my seemingly horrifying actions.  The game I am playing on Facebook is called My Tribe.

What I like about My Tribe is that it’s a game that I’ve played before.  The first time I encountered it was on my father’s Palm Pilot and it was called Village Sim.  It was a real time game that required constant visitation to build up your castaway society.  They could become sick, the ocean could become overfished and berry trees could lose their berries, and they could solve mysterious things on their island.  The first attempts to play were done by a young child, unable to grasp that I needed to find alternate sources for food, and that if a person is sick, they can’t work no matter how many times I dragged them to their posts.  Eventually I gave up, and tiny skeletons littered the island.

village sim screen shot

I always had a lady scientist.

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Ada Lovelace Day

Bonus post today!

Just wanted to wish you a happy Ada Lovelace day!

Who was she?  Many consider her to be the first computer programmer! Check out the links below for more information.

Further reading herehere, and here.

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