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Rape Simulations

Rape is serious.  It is never justifiable, it is violent, and it leaves emotional and sometimes physical scars for the victim.  I understand that there are games out there where the goal is sex, and that is okay.  Sex is a normal part of life and video games are an obvious step beyond pictures and video in the porn spectrum.  But just like games where the goal is to have sex with children, games where the goal is to have sex without the consent of the other individual is not okay.

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Frustrating Men

Face it, most if not all of us ladies have been in this situation.  It doesn’t matter if you are straight, gay, or something different.  Men piss us off sometimes.  Whether it’s an ex of your or a friend’s, a guy friend, an older person, a person in authority, a coworker, a parent, or anyone else with xy chromosomes, sometimes you just get angry at men.

Maybe you’ve been told to make them a sandwich?  Maybe they give you a blank stare when you ask to join in their L4D game.  Perhaps a male friend decides to buy for you ‘Imagine Babies’ when they hear you like to game.  Sometimes you just feel frustrated.  Today I will reveal to you my solution for those days when chauvinism beats me down to a place I hate to go.  Resentment.  I love men and not just for their bodies.  I love hanging out with the guys just as much as hanging out with women.  So to fix my resentment, I do the following:

I watch videos where female gamers heavily pwn male gamers.

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Femme Fatale?

What is a Femme Fatale? A Femme Fatale is a female character who uses her sexual appeal to draw others to their doom. Think Batman Return’s Catwoman, and you get the idea.

catwoman straddling a fallen batman

C'mon. You would have let your guard down too.

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Womenfolk given Edge by Video Games?

The other day I was reading Kotaku (shock, I know, for a gamer) when I came upon this article about a man in Kansas who doesn’t understand the difference between correlation and causation. His claim specifically is that because boys are playing so many video games, it’s given women the chance to take their place in education. That’s right, he’s saying that women are doing better because video games are making guys do worse. Let’s let that sink in for a second before we delve into exactly why this is an offensive and unreliable conclusion.

Has it sunk in? Let us begin.

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I’m sure by now you’ve heard of the new site that launched called Gamecrush.  Along the same lines as a phone sex line, this site promises a female companion gamer for about eight bucks per game.  The site claims that they model the price after the price of buying a girl a drink in a bar.

Let’s let this sink in for a moment, shall we?  I certainly had to.  When I first heard about it, I thought, “Guys are lonely and just wanna play video games with some women?  Can’t they do that for free online(or with an xboxlive gold account)?”  My second thought was, “Sign me up!  Cash for beating some guys at games? I do that for free all the time.”  So I looked into it.  Not to join, but out of curiosity.  What I found was not what I expected.

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