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Girl Gears

Gears of War is a favorite of mine because it’s a really great buddy game.  Whenever I have a fellow gaming friend over, I either take this one out or Lego Batman.  It really depends on the friend and the type of games they like.  All of my friends like Batman, but only a few can tolerate violence.

batman and robin lego

Instead of blood, their enemies explode in a shower of lego pieces.

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Walls and Women

Some of you may heard of a little game that just came out.  People are saying that it’s done mildly well in terms of sales.  I’m talking about Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

battlefield bad company 2 cover image

Clearly that smily face is hiding chauvinistic tendencies.

Already it may be obvious to some what I want to talk about; I’m referring to the lack of any female presence in the gameplay.  There’s been some hurt feelings and some anger in response to the shutting out of women.  There has also been a lot of ignorance and sexist comments.  I figured that I’d do what I do best and stick in my two cents. … continue reading this entry.