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Girl Gears

Gears of War is a favorite of mine because it’s a really great buddy game.  Whenever I have a fellow gaming friend over, I either take this one out or Lego Batman.  It really depends on the friend and the type of games they like.  All of my friends like Batman, but only a few can tolerate violence.

batman and robin lego

Instead of blood, their enemies explode in a shower of lego pieces.

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Femme Fatale?

What is a Femme Fatale? A Femme Fatale is a female character who uses her sexual appeal to draw others to their doom. Think Batman Return’s Catwoman, and you get the idea.

catwoman straddling a fallen batman

C'mon. You would have let your guard down too.

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Metroid Lady Part One

Samus Aran.  To almost anyone outside of the gaming world, the bulky red and yellow armor worn by the hero of Metroid lends the image of an equally bulky and muscular man inside.  But that’s where the allure of this character comes in.  At the end of the first game, there were a few different endings.  They featured the protagonist stripping the suit and/or clothing off of the protagonist.  One ending had just the helmet removed revealing long orange hair.  Another ending placed her in a pink leotard and boots.  A third ending had her wearing a skimpy bikini.

samas aran in bikini at the end of Metroid

Mmm. Sexy pixelated boobies.

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The Pathetic Princess

Because the name of the blog is ‘Not Peach’ I figured that my first post should be about why.

I want to start out acknowledging that yes, Peach has a game where she is the hero.  It is called “Super Princess Peach”, and is a DS game with reviews which average somewhere in the sevens or a high C.

super princess peach box art

Oh my, this isn't like baking a cake at all! I hope it isn't too hard.

In other words, it’s an average game for a wildly popular handheld console.   Unfortunately, the game is frustratingly easy and has Peach solving problems with various strong emotions.  Like crying.  The push forward for this character is to have her cry to solve her problems.  Rescuing Mario or not, Peach hasn’t changed.  It’s a girl game which patronizes its audience instead of trying to understand it. … continue reading this entry.