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Art Games Intro

Yes, this is going to be another article attempting to refute Roger Ebert’s stance that video games are not art.  Please bear with me for a moment.

What is art?  It’s one of those things with a tricky definition, partly because as soon as we draw the line of is and is not, something dares to cross that line.  If we are talking about traditional canvas works, we have examples like impressionism, cubism, and my favorite, pop art, to give examples of this changing definition.  Andy Warhol famously created art from the everyday and happily mass produced it.  When he began he was scoffed at.  Art could not be mass produced, they said.  They claimed that what he was creating wasn’t art, but years later, we recognize Warhol’s creations as defining a generation.  He crossed into the ‘is not’ and forever changed the art world.

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Well I’ve been at it for a month.  There have been days with lotsa hits and many with none.  I’ve really enjoyed doing it and I’m looking forward to refining my schedule and style in the future.  Thank you for reading!

Female Gamer videos below!

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Girl Gears

Gears of War is a favorite of mine because it’s a really great buddy game.  Whenever I have a fellow gaming friend over, I either take this one out or Lego Batman.  It really depends on the friend and the type of games they like.  All of my friends like Batman, but only a few can tolerate violence.

batman and robin lego

Instead of blood, their enemies explode in a shower of lego pieces.

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Today I am announcing that I will be reviewing a game or two that came out a few years ago.  This may seem an odd time to review these game.  And you know what?  It is.  So why am I reviewing it?

I’m reviewing it because they have some things in common.  They are decent games with a stellar sequel.  This is something that seems to be a common theme lately, one that even my mother picked up on.

“There seems to be a lot of ‘Two’ games out there,” she told me one day

“Huh?”  I looked at her, confused enough to pause my game of Dead Space.

“The title,” she told me, “There seems to be a lot of sequels coming out.”

“Ah.” I said, ready to return to my gaming session now that I understood what she was saying, but I stopped for a moment to think about it.

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April Fools

I still need a day to recoup and catch up on missed work, so here is my last link from the trip.

I’ve linked to Border House Blog before, but check out their April Fools posts.  Hilarious and well done as usual.

A great one about if roles were reversed in game development and men were striving for equal representation. (They even mention our favorite, Peach.)  This is a memorable line from it.

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No post today because I’m too busy turning 18 while on a cruise in the Carribean.  Yeah, life is sweet.  Other posts this week are pre-scheduled while I am away.  The cruise is great, but it would better if there was a 360 in the room with me…

I have for you 6 videos I watch over and over.  Why six?  ‘Cuz it’s a third of 18 and the month of march is 3 and 3 is also my favorite number.  3×6 is 18!

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Link week

This week is all about smaller posts because I have no access to my computer.

Adult film industry women playing D&D.  Watch and decide for yourself what you think.

Ada Lovelace Day

Bonus post today!

Just wanted to wish you a happy Ada Lovelace day!

Who was she?  Many consider her to be the first computer programmer! Check out the links below for more information.

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Women in Games Conference Canceled

The Women in Games conference, scheduled for the 25th and 26th of this month, has been canceled due to “low delegate numbers”.  It is unfortunate that it was scheduled on the same date as the east coast meeting of Penny Arcade Expo.  I just wanted to make sure women gamers didn’t take this as a bad sign.  Penny Arcade Expo looks really cool, and Women in Games has had strong attendance these past two years.  It just sounds like a case of bad timing.  Still, it’s a shame but they are asking how to improve for next year on their website with a survey.

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