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Frustrating Men

Face it, most if not all of us ladies have been in this situation.  It doesn’t matter if you are straight, gay, or something different.  Men piss us off sometimes.  Whether it’s an ex of your or a friend’s, a guy friend, an older person, a person in authority, a coworker, a parent, or anyone else with xy chromosomes, sometimes you just get angry at men.

Maybe you’ve been told to make them a sandwich?  Maybe they give you a blank stare when you ask to join in their L4D game.  Perhaps a male friend decides to buy for you ‘Imagine Babies’ when they hear you like to game.  Sometimes you just feel frustrated.  Today I will reveal to you my solution for those days when chauvinism beats me down to a place I hate to go.  Resentment.  I love men and not just for their bodies.  I love hanging out with the guys just as much as hanging out with women.  So to fix my resentment, I do the following:

I watch videos where female gamers heavily pwn male gamers.

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She Shepard

Just a quick post today.  For those of you who play and love the Mass Effect trilogy as the Female Shepard, like I do, but cry out in surprise, “that’s not my Shepard” when you see gameplay videos and trailers featuring poster child male Shepard, here is a fan made trailer featuring her.  Or it’s for those of you who have seen the trailer but not female Shepard.  If you haven’t played the game though, you should.  Start with the first one.  It’s really good and like 20 bucks at gamestop.  I haven’t finished the second one yet.  Backlog of games.  By the way, there are decent haircuts for her.  I’d never pick a ponytail for avatars.  They never quite model them realistically.

Plus, Jennifer Hale is a better voice actor than her male counterpart.  In my humble opinion.

Yeah, the video is a month old but the blog ain’t.  Enjoy.