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Frustrating Men

Face it, most if not all of us ladies have been in this situation.  It doesn’t matter if you are straight, gay, or something different.  Men piss us off sometimes.  Whether it’s an ex of your or a friend’s, a guy friend, an older person, a person in authority, a coworker, a parent, or anyone else with xy chromosomes, sometimes you just get angry at men.

Maybe you’ve been told to make them a sandwich?  Maybe they give you a blank stare when you ask to join in their L4D game.  Perhaps a male friend decides to buy for you ‘Imagine Babies’ when they hear you like to game.  Sometimes you just feel frustrated.  Today I will reveal to you my solution for those days when chauvinism beats me down to a place I hate to go.  Resentment.  I love men and not just for their bodies.  I love hanging out with the guys just as much as hanging out with women.  So to fix my resentment, I do the following:

I watch videos where female gamers heavily pwn male gamers.

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April Fools

I still need a day to recoup and catch up on missed work, so here is my last link from the trip.

I’ve linked to Border House Blog before, but check out their April Fools posts.  Hilarious and well done as usual.

A great one about if roles were reversed in game development and men were striving for equal representation. (They even mention our favorite, Peach.)  This is a memorable line from it.

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Female Enemies

I’ll write an article on this soon.

Female enemies in games.

I really like this blog and I suggest you check out their other posts.

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Girl positive web comics!

Girls Don’t Play Games

Hark, a vagrant

Nerf NOW!!!

Still small posts until I get back.

Aperture History

About a week old, but awesome.  From the one of the best games I’ve played and from the continuing tradition of hilarious advertisement from Valve comes the history of Aperture Science.  Who knew a shower curtain company could be so interesting?


Friday Link

Short post today.  I’m packing for my trip to the Bahamas and going gokarting with some friends, so I don’t have a whole lot of time.

Check out this really cool article on girl characters from Game Informer.