First things first.  What is a feminist?  The answer is easy; it’s anyone who wants equality for women.  Some are man-hating and some are angry.  Like in any segment of the population, there are different types of people within a group, but these segments do not represent the whole.  The majority of feminists just want to be treated equal to men and to dispel stereotypes.  I, for example, love men.  Stereotyping all men is just as bad as stereotyping all women, and I don’t want special rights, I just want to earn and be treated the same.

Now that that awkwardness is out of the way, my name is Sydney.  I love to write both fiction and non.  I’ve wanted to be a scientist since I was young, but for privacy, I’m not going to say what I plan on pursuing beyond that.  I love games both video and board.  I hail from Philly, PA, USA.  I don’t like country music, chick flicks, and celery but love rock music, dark comedies, and sweet potatoes.


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