A blog dedicated to female issues and perspectives within the gaming world.  Article links, opinion pieces, and reviews.

Not all women need to be rescued.   Some want to shoot the baddies.  While wearing protective clothing, not bikinis.

The blog arose because of my continuing frustration with the game market.  I love gaming, and I average about two to three hours a day on my Xbox 360 (though that’s only 5-6 days a week).  I was ever aware that it is a ‘boy’ activity.  And then I notices a small shift.  Portal’s main character is FEMALE and she wears a respectful outfit.  In Mass Effect, the savior can be male or female, both wearing fully covering armor.  Clearly wildly popular games can feature non sexual object females.  And I became hungry for more.  I want that immersion guys feel when hearing the battle cry of a man or a male grunt when vaulting over a barrier.  And so I call for not peach when designing games.  Let us be the heroes and equal, not the victims or objects.


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