Rape Simulations

Rape is serious.  It is never justifiable, it is violent, and it leaves emotional and sometimes physical scars for the victim.  I understand that there are games out there where the goal is sex, and that is okay.  Sex is a normal part of life and video games are an obvious step beyond pictures and video in the porn spectrum.  But just like games where the goal is to have sex with children, games where the goal is to have sex without the consent of the other individual is not okay.

I am not saying that rape should never be mentioned in a game.  Movies do it, but when they do it it is not to glorify the act. They do it to define an event or bring out horror.  I do think, however, that if games were ever to go into that realm, they would need to be very, very careful.  It has long been the case that female characters in the comics universe have been raped as a catalyst for their internal strength, their turn to vigilantism, or an attempt to give depth to a character.  Rape is not something that women are glad for.  They don’t brush it off and say, “It was horrible, but I’m better for the experience.”  It’s a difficult topic because it’s a difficult thing to go through.  For this reason, I think that for now, rape is better off being left out of the narrative.  And games certainly shouldn’t be about it solely, because we just don’t seem to know how to handle it without exploiting it.

Some porn involves rape.  I am not singling out games here.  Any time that rape is being justified is not okay, whether it’s pictures or videos or a story.  Some people argue that murder is worse, that because we simulate murder in so many ways on so many games, we opened ourselves up for a nonfatal assault.  Yes, murder is wrong.  It may even garner a harsher punishment from the law.  But that said, it can be justified, and when a person is dead the suffering ends (this of course ignores the family and friends of the cloned soldier you kill).  How could we attempt to justify rape?  Think back to the games we play where we murder.  Besides a few like GTA, the murder that is committed in these games are done because we are defending ourselves, our country or others, or our ideals.  Rape is always one sided.  Rapists are not defending themselves, others, or an idea.  They seek dominance through violence towards a person who is no threat to them.

For this reason, I day that game simulators which feature rape as a goal are not okay to create or play.  This does border censorship issues.  Should these games be illegal?  Unfortunately, this is not a question that I can answer.  I am not a law practitioner or an expert on anything to do with that field.  I do think that this shouldn’t be an issue in the first place.  There should not be a market for these games and there should not be creators for them either.  If it was a perfect world.

Please think about it and educate yourself on why rape is unacceptable in any form.  Me writing this does not mean that I think that these games or other form of porn will turn men into rapists.  I do think that our attitude towards women in culture, does.  There has to be a reason that the numbers between female rapists and male rapists are so incredibly far apart, and the number of female victims encompass male rapists to an extent so completely that we barely acknowledge that men do get raped.  It has to be something sociological, and our attitudes and myths regarding rape need to stop.  These games add to a culture where women are objects to be abused and rape is commonplace.


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