April Fools

I still need a day to recoup and catch up on missed work, so here is my last link from the trip.

I’ve linked to Border House Blog before, but check out their April Fools posts.  Hilarious and well done as usual.

A great one about if roles were reversed in game development and men were striving for equal representation. (They even mention our favorite, Peach.)  This is a memorable line from it.

Don’t get me wrong, i love men. Who doesn’t, mirite? I love to stare at them all day long. But there just are not enough hours in the day. We would have had to design form fitting clothing, and the penis physics alone would have taken days. And of course, we would have to redesign the costume choices to show off a little skin.

Seriously, check the link out!

The next April Fool’s one is a response to recent news about a certain website which pimps out female gamers.  This imaginary website pimps out stereotypical male gamers for women and minorities.

Finally, another role reversal.  Ever hear complaints from male gamers about non-gaming girlfriends/wives?  Heck, I complain about my mother every once in a while.  Well increasingly I have actually been hearing gaming girls complain about non-gaming husbands and boyfriends.  This post says what to do in a guide similar to what is said about making girlfriends game with you.  Funny commentary on how guys sometimes generalize non-gamers of the opposite sex.  How to Get Your Boyfriend to Play Video Games with You.

Back tomorrow, I promise!  Really, because I did nothing for my favorite internet holiday, I owe you this at least.  Enjoy.


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