My Tribe

I’m going to admit something embarrassing about myself.  There is a game on Facebook that I play.  Now, before you switch sites in disgust due to hardcore betrayal, let me explain my seemingly horrifying actions.  The game I am playing on Facebook is called My Tribe.

What I like about My Tribe is that it’s a game that I’ve played before.  The first time I encountered it was on my father’s Palm Pilot and it was called Village Sim.  It was a real time game that required constant visitation to build up your castaway society.  They could become sick, the ocean could become overfished and berry trees could lose their berries, and they could solve mysterious things on their island.  The first attempts to play were done by a young child, unable to grasp that I needed to find alternate sources for food, and that if a person is sick, they can’t work no matter how many times I dragged them to their posts.  Eventually I gave up, and tiny skeletons littered the island.

village sim screen shot

I always had a lady scientist.

My next encounter with the game would be better.  I found it for my iPod Touch.  Called Virtual Villagers – A New Home, I easily completed this game in my various places of spare time.  It featured an updated gameplay system and adorable graphics.

virtual villagers screen shot

Crisp, clean, fun.

Like many people, I love god games.  I loved Black and White, I was a fan of the Sims when I was younger, and the bulk of my younger years was monopolized by the game Age of  Mythology.

age of mythology screenshot

My army can kick your army's ass. Check out my flying horse.

I like controlling troops and building up a society or army.  So when I learned that a version of a game I have been watching grow and develop since I was young was on Facebook, I couldn’t help but to take a peek.  I use Facebook for talking with friends and find Farmville a monumental waste of my time.  Nostalgia made me check out My Tribe against my better judgement.  What I found was mildly disappointing.  It was dumbed down, and some gimmicky things were added like clothing and stork feathers.  Still, I’m playing it.  The mysteries are back and I want to solve them.  I want to make my favorite character, a female scientist I named Athena, young forever and maxed out on everything.

my tribe screenshot

Ignore my lack of friends who also play Facebook games.

I want to colonize another island to find all of the mysteries.  So this game, which I admit is a time-draining casual with limited actual gameplay elements, takes up about twenty minutes of my days.

All things considered, I play this mostly for nostalgia, but there is an inherent joy in this Facebook game.  Somewhat mindless, yes, but it’s also a real game with strategy and goals.  It’s a guilty pleasure I allow myself, a casual game I’ve found that I want to spend more than one play session on.  What I’m trying to say is that while Facebook games can be total time wasters, keep checking new ones.  You may find something you like.

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