Metroid Lady Part One

Samus Aran.  To almost anyone outside of the gaming world, the bulky red and yellow armor worn by the hero of Metroid lends the image of an equally bulky and muscular man inside.  But that’s where the allure of this character comes in.  At the end of the first game, there were a few different endings.  They featured the protagonist stripping the suit and/or clothing off of the protagonist.  One ending had just the helmet removed revealing long orange hair.  Another ending placed her in a pink leotard and boots.  A third ending had her wearing a skimpy bikini.

samas aran in bikini at the end of Metroid

Mmm. Sexy pixelated boobies.

Yes, to me placing her in a position with next to no clothing makes absolutely no sense in a game about going to kill a giant brain, but if we focused on her clothing as a mysterious figure versus when she’s being a woman, we’d miss the point.  Samus Aran is a woman.  She has lady parts and kicks a lot of ass.  After completing the game, you can even go through the game again without her armor.  She is hailed as one of the first female protagonists in video games.  There is some contention as to who was the very first, and if there is a definitive answer please leave a comment with the answer and a link to an article or page backing you up.

What makes Samus special is a number of things.  First, she’s the main character of a wildly popular Nintendo game, the same company which created my friend Peach.  I do like Nintendo; my DS is a constant companion of mine and my Wii provides fun activities to do with friends.


I don't do well separated for too long from my ds.

Neither of these are the consoles where I spend the most time, but having a game company with the influence and history that Nintendo has supporting a character like Samus is heartening.

My second reason for loving her is her costume.  Samus spends the majority of her time in a battlesuit which isn’t about sex.  Her character is an equal because her gender doesn’t factor into what she wears or does.  She’s a top bounty hunter and gets her respect from her actions, not her body.  Woman doesn’t factor in except in how pronouns are used around in reference to her.  Yes, she does have large breasts and an unrealistic body proportionally,  I know this from her appearances without her suit on.  Called ‘Zero-Suit Samus’ in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, she fights baddies wearing an under suit before finding her battle one.

samus as seen in super smash bros brawl

Yeah, my waist is freakishly thin, but I will still beat you in a fight.

But while I think she could have been proportioned like a real person, the skin tight full-bodied suit makes sense to me.  Like dancers who need a lot of flexibility, what she wears is what I would imagine anyone wearing under a giant suit of metal.  A far cry from her first skimpy bikini, this suit doesn’t really degrade her.  Though her boobs are huge and on display, it would take more than that to make her look insulting.

Part Two coming soon!


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